Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home To Australia

On Monday, we went home to Australia. But our flight left at 9pm so whilst my mum went out to see her friend named Takako, we watched a lot of Star Trek. Then we cleaned up the room. Then when my mum got home, we went to the airport and went through security and passport control. Then we had to wait a long time for the plane. On the first plane we went on, I watched nearly all of Inside Out before I fell asleep. The breakfast was not great. So I only ate a little bit of ham. Then we landed not in Sydney but in Brisbane. we had to rush to our next flight which took us to Sydney. It felt so good to be back. When we got back, I just rested in my bed for a bit, then went upstairs and watched some Star Trek with my family. We are good Australian food that night. It was so yummy.

The Japanese gardens

On Sunday, we went to one of the Japanese Gardens. First, we had to catch 3 trains to get there. Then we had to pay to get in. Then we had ice cream. It was yummy. Then my dad and sister went exploring whilst the rest of us found a shady bit of grass to lay in. Then I spammed my dad with messages that were pointless.  Then my mum, dad, and baby sister went to a fair not too far from where were. Then they came back and we went home and watched a little bit of Star Trek.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zoe's birthday

On Saturday, it was Zoe's birthday. She chose to go to a Lego land because she did not find any where else that she wanted to go to. First we went on a ride where we shot things so we could get points. I won both times I played. 

Then we found a pot of Lego. I built an AT-AT from Star Wars, my dad built ships from Star Trek. Zoe built a house for a doll she got for a present. Then I found a place where you got to build Lego cars and put them down ramps. My method of getting cars was to find abandoed cars and make them mine. I did this because all the good bits were taken.

 Then we went to a ninjargo training camp were you have to dodge lasers. I hurt my arm doing it. Then Zoe and my dad went to a indoor theme park. Whilst the rest of us went home.

Disney Land

On Friday, we went to Disney Land. Surprisingly, it was better than Disney Sea. First, we went on a Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was cool. There was amazing animatronics, they almost looked real. Then we went on a jungle boat tour, not a real jungle, of course. There also was the animatronics that were cool. Ada loved it. Then we went up a tree. It was called The Swiss family Robinsons treehouse. It was cool. 

Then we went on a rollercoaster. It was fun but not as exhilarating as the rollercoaster in 6 flags. Then we went in an hour long line for a boat ride that when you go down a very steep hill out splashes you in the face.  I did not get wet because my dad took all the water and got drenched. Then we all wached a parade. I thought it was boring. Then we went on a Star Wars ride. It was cool. Then we went home.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Disney Sea

On Thursday, we went to Disney Sea. Disney Sea is like Disney Land but aimed for an older audience. When we got there, Zoe wanted to go to a rollercoaster. When we got to the rollercoaster, we found out that it was shut. Then, my mum, sister and I went to a volcano rollercoaster in the middle of the park. We waited about an hour or so and when we got on, we saw animatronics of cool and weird creatures. Then there was a big monster on one side and fire on the other side. Once that ended, we down a steep drop and got off the ride. 

We met up with dad and my baby sister. They had been going on mermaid rides and tiny rollercoasters. 

Mum and Ada went on another rollercoaster whilst Zoe, my dad and I had some lunch. We had smoked turkey legs and something I think was called gozza. My sister and I went on another rollercoaster and whilst we were on it, we complained how bad it was. Then, we were VERY VERY tired, so we went home.  

Still Going To Japan

We were still going to Japan. When I woke my dad recommended a movie. It was called, AI. It was cool even know that I didn't finish it. For breakfast we had some gross food that I didn't have. Then when we got off we weren't on a bus that took about 1 hour. I slept on the bus because I didn't get very much sleep on the on the plane. When we got there we had to wait 2 hours to sign in to our room. We watched some Star Trek but then my dad went to get some dinner and I that period I fell asleep.